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     R&D | Design and Analysis | Automation | Validation | Prototyping | Fabrication

DPIIT, MSME Recognised
Engineering Startup (P) Company

We Make Decisions.

Artificial Intelligence | Internet of Things | Embedded Systems | Mechatronics | Design | Sensing | Cloud Operation | Biomedical | Signaling | 


Making a Cognitive Engine with user-defined engineering model.

Design & Development

Making use of a physical or logical representation of a given system to generate data and help determine decisions or make predictions about the system.


Uses semi-finished or raw materials to make something from start to finish

We Do.

We are Engineers: Our strengths & skills in advanced Cognitive Mechatronics, Signaling, Robotics and Communications allow us to deliver complete solutions to complex problems of Society or Industry
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Defense Robotics
Actual Engineering

CJI (P) Ltd. extends expertise and project management in domains like electrical systems, structures, mechanical, software, systems engineering in building intelligent UAV, UGV, UWV

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AgriTech Solutions
Mandatory Engineering

Our experience in the agricultural sector has allowed us to develop numerous projects for the transformation and irrigation of crops.

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Statutory Engineering

Team of creative thinking in developing medical devices for improving care.

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Recycling and Renewable Energy
Auxiliary Engineering

With innovative capabilities in recycling, organics and renewable energy. CJI (P) Ltd. provides  solutions to sustainability goals.

Why clients choose us?

Our company fosters an innovative problem-solving environment that presents fast and flexible responses to client needs. The highly qualified team at CJI (P) Ltd. can offer complete engineering services from the project feasibility phase through to detailed design and production management.

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Registered Office:
Carey Joehln International (P) Ltd.
11-5-52, Near Carmel Church,
Narsapur, W.G.Dt. AP

Managing Office -Hyderabad :
Carey Joehln International (P) Ltd.
Abids, Hyderabad,
Telanagana 500001


Executive Office

TS - Hyderabad :
Carey Joehln International (P) Ltd.
#S1, Second Floor, Central Facilities for Research and Development - CFRD, Osmania University Campus,
Hyderabad, Telangana 500007

AP- Visakhapatnam:
Carey Joehln International (P) Ltd.
NASSCOM, Opposite Dept. of Marine Engineering,
Andhra University Campus,
Visakhapatnam, AP

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